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When Kevin was in his mid-30s, he hit rock bottom.

"Life kind of threw a lot of stuff at me at the same time," he explains.

"My parents both ended up with serious diseases, my mum died in her fifties, my marriage broke up, I had a very young son, and my businesses collapsed at the same time. I became dysfunctional.

"At that time I was diagnosed with having what they call clinical depression and was put on drugs. I was in the worst state I've ever experienced in my life – in a very deep dark place," he recalls.

"I couldn't see any way out of the immense pain that I was living in."

Not knowing what he was signing up for, Kevin agreed to attend a therapy workshop with a friend who was in a similar boat.

After decades of suffering, he found a new way of looking at and dealing with his emotions.

"I walked out of the session knowing that depression was no longer a part of my life," he says.

During Kevin's journey, he was told that his condition was a result of a chemical imbalance in his brain and was prescribed medication.

But taking pills wasn't a helpful solution for him.

"The drugs made a slight difference in that they suppressed some of the anxiety I was feeling, they suppressed the worst of the emotions I was feeling, but they left me feeling alien inside my own body. They made me feel like I was being controlled by some alien chemical rather than living my own life and being myself.

"So my experience over the years with orthodox medicine wasn't great."

To move his life forward, free of medication and depression, Kevin found he had to get to the root causes of his unhappiness and make peace with them.

It started by simply identifying the feeling, then feeling it.After fighting depression for three decades Kevin Billett attended a workshop that put him on the path to healing.

If you walk into any bookshop and head for the self-help section, you will find shelves stacked with books explaining how to be happier, think positive thoughts and change your life for the better.

You would think that with an abundance of this information, the entire human race would be beaming from ear to ear, yet according to the World Health Organization in 2018, more than 300 million people around the world suffer from depression and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Kevin Billett battled depression, initially triggered by a traumatic childhood accident, for more than 30 years.

He visited psychologist after psychologist and took prescribed medications, but to no avail.

In 1994, he attended a workshop that changed his life. He found a way through his suffering to a place of wellbeing, and for the last 22 years has been sharing the same technique with others.

Life can be tough enough without the added impact of social media on our wellbeing.

Kevin believes that the majority of people don't have the tools to deal with the pressures from not only social media, but the media in general.

"The underlying message is that we need to attain celebrity, fame and wealth in order to be happy. It's peddled unconsciously to us as the answer to our issues and our pain, and it absolutely is not," he says.

He's proud to have worked with young people to help them deal with those issues and live from a healthier place.

"Our expectations are massive, we want to aspire to the things we see other people achieving in life, but the underlying problem, of course, is that even if we achieve that in life, it doesn't fix the hurt, it doesn't take away the insecurity, the baggage is still there. We're still the same person with the same issues, no matter how other people perceive us or how successful we seem to be."

For Kevin, moving from suffering to a place of joy is an inside job.

"So many people mistake the route to happiness as being the route to reaching for something, the route to achieving or attaining something that's outside of ourselves.


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