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Some scientific proof why the Journey method works

A pioneer in understanding

cellular healing

One of the pioneers in understanding the field of cellular biology and its role in healing is world-renowned, US trained endocrinologist Dr Deepak Chopra. He pondered the question of cellular division and asked himself, “If you get a whole new liver every six weeks, why is it that if you have liver cancer in January, it’s still there in June? Your liver would have regenerated itself several times by then. All the cells would be entirely new.” Deepak came to the conclusion that cells retain ‘phantom’ or ‘old memories’ that cause degenerative disease in the cell. These memories are then passed onto the new cells before the old, diseased cells die, causing the disease to continue. As a vivid example of the phenomenon of cell memories, Deepak related the story of a woman given a heart/lung transplant who found that after the operation she had a strong craving for burger and fries – something she had never previously liked. Later, the woman discovered the donor had been on his way to eat this precise meal when he’d sadly died in a car accident. Deepak goes on to explain: “All disease and illness is just the loss of the memory of wholeness at the cellular level. When a cell loses its connection with the rest of our body, it begins to act randomly, causing havoc and destruction.”

Lifelong studies of successful survivors of serious illness

Dr Chopra states it’s possible to interrupt the memories stored in degenerate cells and replace them with healthy new ones that replicate perfectly. During his lifelong study of successful survivors of serious illness Deepak found the common thread was that they were all able to get in touch with ‘infinite intelligence’ – the wisdom that lies behind our minds. Says Deepak: “At the most fundamental level, our minds and our bodies are just pure spirit. In fact everyone in creation is spirit. So, at the basis of all creation, there is already a field of perfection on all levels. We are already perfectly healthy, perfectly happy, perfectly successful. The only problem is, we’ve forgotten this, and so live lives filled with struggles and a lack of fulfillment. The whole focus of mind/body medicine is to restore the memory of spirit in our lives. When our bodies reawaken to spirit, we re-enliven our own inner healing mechanism and activate our internal pharmacy to create and maintain a state of perfect health.”

A short cellular shelf life gives rise to boundless healing

Says Deepak: “It’s possible these days to talk in medical terminology and convince people that the shelf life of molecules is very short. Ninety-eight per cent of all the atoms in my body are gone by next year.” This gives rise to the boundless possibility of healing the body naturally from within. Deepak goes on to state that, “Spiritual awareness is the only way that healing can occur”. The Journey is a unique methodology that provides a direct approach to cellular healing and awakening. It will help you access your soul’s wisdom, tap into infinite intelligence and heal your thoughts, your body, your mind, your relationships – indeed every area of your life.


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