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Heart Math

You don’t have to clock in 10,000 hours od meditatin to start feeling better. You’ll be surprised at what 20 minutes can do. But if 20 minutes seems like a big undertaking for your first try, here’s a simple exercise you can do anywhere (thank you, HeartMath):

Find a quiet place to sit and take a few minutes simply breathing in and breathing out.
1.Heart Focus(around the area around your heart)
2.Heart Focus breathing(maintain your heart focus and imagine your breath flowing in and out through the heart area,breathe casually,just a little deeper than normal)
3.Heart Feeling(recall a positive feeling and relive that feeling,or a time of appreciation or care for something or someone and attempt to relive that feeling.Once you found the positive feeling -sustain this feeling by continuing with these 3 quick coherence steps)
It is a simple and profound technique to calm down and quiet your thoughts and emotions—immediately. Just breathing in and out through the heart is a shortcut to coming into a meditation state that repairs the body.
There is so much more to say about meditation, but what’s important is that any small moment we can take for ourselves on a regular basis to breathe quietly and just focus on our breath, will go a long way toward improving our health and happiness, and bring us more in touch with our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

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