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How it all started:30 persons from various parts of the world, with diverse backgrounds including executive coaching, corporate training, human resource management, business consultancy, arts, medical and healthcare professions, shared two things in common – all being profoundly impacted by Conscious Company´s Visionary Leadership Program and a conviction that this work should be made available to anyone with a strong desire to fulfill their leadership potential.Our Conscious Coaches are currently located in Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA and Zimbabwe.

conscious leadership coaching:

Are You, Your Business Or Your Organization Ready …

For a new paradigm in leadership? To effectively empower and inspire positive action? For you and your employees to realize TRUE potential? For success and profitability beyond your imagination and projections?GREAT! We are all human, and most of us have yet to live our fullest potential because we… Fear embarrassment or rejection Live by a set of rules we never defined Fear failure or success Play victim and blame gamesTry to control to get our way or rebel against the norm If you feel like you have one foot on the gas and one on the brake… Then it is time to reveal the innate genius—the visionary leader in each of us.Personal & Professional coaching Programs for: Individuals, executives, artists, athletes, performers, stay at home moms,political leaders and small business owners. If you are looking for programs, designed just for you as an individual or small group… Anything from structural help with weight loss to finding your fullest business potential or make that life change.
What I find most helpful and effective is to combine this powerful modality, with Mindfulness,first diving deep into the emotions that block you and/or your company from thriving,remove all what does not work here to serve your situation anymore , replace them with healthier believes and than also learn simple effective skills to stay more fully in the present in an open energized and relaxed way!
With tailor made options and adaptations just for your business.
Please call tel: (1).541.914.9159 for more information how to realize your work environment to be even more thriving and happy!
As a Conscious Coach I offer you the support that will carry you beyond your old limitations to achieve your dearest aspirations – to fully step into your power and act with the confidence and strength that will make you the greatest success you can be. Imagine the thrill of working with other people that are no longer holding back their best abilities, together exploring new, unknown markets challenges and opportunities. The experience of achieving the unthinkable by just giving it your best, without fear, doubt or judgment holding you back


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