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For eye check at Radboud. Against all expectations, my field of vision has become bigger! I get to keep my driver's license, I get to keep my freedom!

I'm so happy, relieved and also proud of my quirky!!

Elisabet van der Horst

Els I want to thank you, because it's really thanks to the healing journey that I have been able to reverse my condition!

And now let's celebrate!!! 

Debby Gubbels

My experiences and sessions with Els have been nothing sort of transformational. Els is very gentle and kind to work with, always holding the space that I needed and guiding me to unlock my true potential and inner wisdom. Her own wisdom, insights and intuition have provided me with so much peace, understanding and compassion for myself and the world around me. I feel so grateful to have Els in my life Rishi K, CEO, Los Angeles, CA
 ​After the loss of my twin babies and a year later, since the birth of my daughter, I have been struggling with lots of anxiety. A dear friend suggested I work with Els on this. I followed his suggestion and I am sorry I have not done it sooner.! In only one session, her guidance helped me find peace inside, and I can draw on that to keep myself on track in my very busy life as a Lung doctor in the hospital and enjoy being a mother,     Luana Petre
Els is a gentle and gifted soul who helped me to reverse type 2 diabetes with only two sessions. I knew I had to do something and was absolutely stunned with the results! Life seemed to be in 4K Ultra High Definition! And my symptoms were gone and have remained a thing of the past. Many thanks Els for all that you've done for me and I highly recommend your services to anyone! Daniel Greene, Energy Coach, England, UK
"The Journey was a road to seeing how events and actions in my life had impacted all of my relationships - family, friends and spouse(s).  I gained the realization that early childhood events that I had shoved to the back of my mind and heart were more pivotal in my decision making than I ever realized.  These new insights led  to very positive changes in my life today." Carol A. City Event Manager
 -After amazing miraculous Journey work that reunited the whole scattered family the last couple of years with lots of mutual LOVE and respect , I received this message: Marc died today. He had tremendous respect for you and enormous trust in your work. Thank you for the relief you brought him. Sent on: 17 June, 2017
"I recently did a series of  coaching sessions with Els ,that really helped me with a difficult family situation I was dealing with. I was able to cope with the situation better and my life changed dramatically after my coaching sessions with Els. Also I have  self awareness and more peace with myself after working with her.."Marci M.
Els has Great Instinctual insights-Beatrice D.


Your caring and desire to help the people you work with , (Love in other words),

your patience and calmness, and your Presence with the person. I see you offering substantial value to others in any environment where these qualities are needed, which can be anything you choose, because it's all about human relationships. Isabel M.


You are so wonderful and have been such a blessing to me. Your gifts: an intuitive ability to connect to a higher power, a heart of compassion for the suffering of others, a strong perseverance to do the work. I see you helping many people overcome emotional difficulties, as you have helped me so much! Alison M.

Certified Journey Practitioner 

Certified Visionary Leadership and Conscious Coach

Certified clinical  trauma professional

trainer on-line Transformation Journey programs

partner Conscious Leadership Coaching group (CLC)


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