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In order to be the leader the world needs now one needs to develop

 Positive leadership skills

 Empathy, social awareness, organizational awareness
self management and healthy leadership 
Whether you lead a corporation, non-profit, are a parent, teach in front of the classroom or own your own business, our daily lives are filled with uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Add current economic, geopolitical, cultural and racial dynamics, and it is easy to see how our world of work is a reflection of each of us and the ecosystems we've collectively created.

Business is Personal


"Being the change you'd wish to see"
mahatma Gandhi  
what does this really mean? 
black lives matter
working from home
climate change
economic insecurity
and so much more
How to be a
High Performance

Emotional Intelligent Organization,
using Scientific proof
& Positively 
Trusting Self and Others

the Art of Breathing

recognize the power of your own Breath and change the course of the  next moments.
“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh
Emotion can be described as Information combined with Energy. The role emotion plays in human life for us is Evaluation.
Leadership and life itself can be very hard when informed by difficult old emotions that have not been processed. How to make healthy and balanced decisions?
Here are some official  and harsh sounding causes of trauma, which has appeared often closer to home than we are aware of.
This could be.
​Domestic violence
Natural disasters
Rape and sexual harassments
Severe illness or injury
The death of a loved one
Witnessing an act of violence
We are all humans dealing with humans all the time, whether at work, at home or in the grocery store. In order to  show up authentically, with clarity, with good negotiation skills, feeling non reactive , and a capacity to listen deeply to others, one needs compassion some peace of mind to be able to make good decisions.
What could go better? Would feel more meaningful? Desired results?  
Our nervous system responds in 3 different ways to any real or imagined perceived threat, which causes fear, we
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​a beautiful designed 90 days​
Mindful Interactive-Online-Program 
for Conscious-Minded Businesses



Be the change that you'd like to see in the world!


People who are happier at work are more committed to their organisation, rise to positions of leadership more rapidly, are more productive and creative, and suffer fewer health problems. More and more, research is suggesting that happiness should not be an afterthought for workplaces; it should be an essential goal, entwined with the kinds of 21st century skills that are key to individual and organisational success today. But how can you increase happiness at work within yourself and across your organisation?
Mindfulness is  state of consciousness in which attention is focused on present-moment phenomena, occurring both externally & internally.
Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.
The curriculum includes live webinars/workshops, video material, guided meditations, a new approach to relating to food, fun challenges and more, All this is created on a well designed platform complete with interaction, lots of support and connection.
 M&W@Wprogram offers you the healthy choice of:
  • Enhanced workplace culture
  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Reduced absenteeism 
  •  increased  productivity 
  • and so much more





















M&W@W program:

Els van der Horst: works as a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner and Leadership Coach.

Nicole Baldridge: Wellness and nutritional coaching