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People who are happier at work are more committed to their organisation, rise to positions of leadership more rapidly, are more productive and creative, and suffer fewer health problems. More and more, research is suggesting that happiness should not be an afterthought for workplaces; it should be an essential goal, entwined with the kinds of 21st century skills that are key to individual and organisational success today. But how can you increase happiness at work within yourself and across your organisation?


M&W@W - A 90 day, individual, mindful, educational, interactive, online program for conscious-minded businesses and entrepreneurs.

This unique program offers a fresh approach to Mindfulness and Wellness in the workplace. The exceptional, creative, step-by-step design of this program provides participants with proven beneficial results. We start with an Introduction Module -

Go to Terms and say Yes! Weekly, each of the 13 lessons will open up. You will receive an email with a link to open each module. Lessons are designed to be worked on at your personal pace. Live Webinars and Q&A are interactive, presented by Els van der Horst and/or Nicole Baldrige and will be recorded. A special Meditation Playlist is available from week 1. At the end of the course three additional Resource Modules will be available. You will find so much rich content in this course. We would just like you to bask in it! Allow yourself to embrace the new and the unfamiliar, go with the flow



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Provides employees and employers with proven beneficial results.

Mindfulness: A state of consciousness in which attention is focused on present-moment phenomena occurring both externally & internally


Wellness: is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

M&W@W: is an unique 90 day program which offers a fresh approach to Mindfulness;  & Wellness in the workplace. The exceptional, creative, step-by-step design of this program provides employees and employers with proven beneficial results.


The curriculum includes live webinars/workshops, video material, guided meditations, a new approach to relating to food, fun challenges and more, All this is created on a well designed platform complete with interaction,, support and connection.


Benefits will include, increased health, more peace of mind and improved quality in relating with self and others, as well as a proven increase in productivity in the workplace and so much more. Completing the program will bring the individual, as well as the company    fruition, and gain. .  












Els van der Horst: Certified mindfulness Practitioner and Leadership Coach.

previously , in Amsterdam, a Dutch PA  & Yoga teacher.


Be the change that you'd like to see in the world!


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