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"You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results."
-Mahatma Gandhi
  • grief & Loss

Profound healing is possible when we have the courage to face the most painful things in life. Nobody is free of grief and loss unfortunately. When it starts to total overwhelm everything we do it is time look a bit deeper. Death of a loved one. Changed Family circumstances. A Job loss or an IIlness that brings a total change in our lifes. Is it possible to live with Grief, embrace the Loss and still fully live our lifes to the fullest? My personal experience is a Yes! There are things to learn and to un-learn though. With care and Compassion for the unique situation that you are in.
  • trauma healing

On a wordly level, the Covid 19 virus infuences all of us, often in a traumatic fashion for what we witnessed here and what we experienced directly in our lives. How do you deal with these traumas and how can you heal? In our private world we could be effected nature :tsunami, fires, tornado's etc. It could be incest or violence, illness or other personal very traumatic childhood experiences. Based on the work of Peter Levine SE, Brandon Bays The Journey, a Midfulness practice and more we SAFELY start working to unravel these traumatic experiences. Is this even possible? YES! Absolutely, Healing is definitely possible for all of us.

  • designer program

After our initial strategy session. You have some idea where you like to go. Together we come up with what it is you like to offer to Life and need support with to make this a reality. My job is to help you to provide you with the tools to make this a reality for you. Relationship, Career, Abundance, a specific Goal you have set for your self. with Clarity it is time to decide what will be the best possible strategies that will work for you, in your unique situation. What stands in the way? This Designer program will entail 5 sessions of 1.5 hours with me. a personality test and an astrology recommendation for your topic, tailor made are part of the program. We'll meet on Zoom or in real Life.
  • out of the blue

Learn what depression is NOT Discover what depression really is. Experience a Profound and Deeply healing method. Learn how you can completely Free yourself from the grips of Anxiety and Depression. How to manage overwhelm, hurt, negative self talk, sleeping problems, worry, burn out or panick attacks. How to live an authentic life experience wellness, meaning and fulfilment again.

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  • designer unlimited

  • designer de luxe

Why pay for a coach when there are courses online you can take, freebies offered on the net, books, audio books and podcasts? Those are all valuable tools to experience and I will point you probably towards many ideas like that myself. It is just not enough on its own! We need a real person to go deep with, hold in front of us the mirror we were afraid to look into and give us perspective and from the depths of our soul find answers and healing. Reconnect with our inner selves on the deepest level. Be seen truly for who we are and how we like to be in our life. With no judgement, coming back at choice. This is a very personal intimate meeting with yourself that nothing else can be compared with or be replaced by!
Different examples and options are offered, you will get more of an idea when you click on any of the pictures above. 
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 The following might be addressed:
-intentions- abundance-goal setting-inspiration-take responsibilities for own input-
-epigenetics-ancestry imprints-DNA-neuroplasticity- 
-polyvagal theory- neuroscience-mind-brain-nervous system-emotional work-
-emotional intelligence-physical intelligence-creation-alignment-networking-
-enneagram-rules/beliefs/vow changes-family systems-attachment styles-
-trauma work-grief-clearing on cellular level-connection-communication-healing-    -codependency-boundaries-awareness-relationships-empathy-
-nurture-nutrition-health-yoga-movement-relaxation-selfcare-sleep-living in flow-
-implementing-finding meaning and purpose-highest good-