I believe in -your-


Remove obstacles that block you from effortless creation.

Allow a state of pure consciousness and universal intelligence to express and create through you.

Be of service in the world.

Be the Change!

Find Clarity! 
Like you, first and foremost, I am a human being with countless experiences that continue to shape life with beautiful highs and devastating lows. These extremes, coupled with my background in the Journey, Emotional Health Counseling, Trauma work and Mindfulness allow me to challenge and guide clients while relating to their struggles.
I find the Journey method as a working tool in my practice very helpful.
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Be Mindful and Healthy!
In in your life or your business I would love to work with you as a personal transformational Coach and Mindfulness based Practitioner to  deepen connection, explore healthy communication, allow mindfulness and wellness on the workfloor. Everybody benefits and we can all do it!

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Have Impact!
With my long time experience 

and expertise and your wisdom and inner knowing, we create a solution towards a desired tailor made outcome 

and transformation.
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"True belonging doesn't require you to change; it requires you to BE who you are."
____ Brene Brown

Emotions come and go quickly, our cells display them with chemicals.
When we experience unsolved or stuck emotions, the cells hold on to the chemicals. Which might be the cause of illness or recurring the same feeling over and over again.

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the Journey method.

Nobody teaches us how to allow or feel emotions healthily, yet EMOTIONS are the gateway to profound healing.
So many of us have learned from a young age to shut down, run from or manipulate our emotions; that it’s somehow socially unacceptable or weak to allow our true feelings; that we should be strong, impassive, and not cry, be afraid, get angry or in any way ‘too emotional'.
“There is a difficulty with only one person changing. People call that person a great saint or a great mystic or a great leader, and they say, 'Well, he's different from me - I could never do it.' What's wrong with most people is that they have this block - they feel they could never make a difference, and therefore, they never face the possibility, because it is too disturbing, too frightening.”
― David Bohm
What coping mechanisms do we use?
Which beliefs, rules, vows did we make that now functioning as a lampshade?
and even more important, what is really the driving force underneath it all.
The Enneagram reveals that all people belong to one of nine major personality types. The purpose of the Enneagram is not to put you into a box, but to help you identify both the strengths and the limitations of a preferred strategy and to give you guidance on how you may develop more capacity beyond it.