“I would describe Els in her work as a talented and highly experienced life transformation coach and practitioner. As someone trustworthy, with whom they could safely open emotionally and clear the root causes of life restricting patterns, habits and behaviors. As someone who has the character and the cutting-edge skills to make a real difference in their lives.”~ Kevin Billett, CEO Conscious Company Ltd. & CEO the Journey Group

  • Certified Journey Practitioner
  • Certified Visionary Leadership &
  •  Conscious Coaching
  • Certified clinical  trauma & grief professional
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Journey trainer on-line
  • Transformational Journey programs
  • Certified Mindfulness Educator
  • Mindful&Wellness@Work
       -interactive program-
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Workshops
  • Public speaker

Since young adulthood I always had my finger on the pulse of the world for the art of healing. Looking for different modalities, new discoveries.

Intuitively already implementing a lot of what for instance now neuroscience is  telling us, long before those facts were scientifically known.

Hungry to see and feel what is working.

We know when it is working because our body, psyche, mind, soul tells us so. We receive an internal YES, this is good even when there might be simultaneous resistance for certain practices. As it can takes practice and diligence to form new habits.


I feel lucky to live in a time where for instance Ancient traditional Buddhist wisdom and new science come together with absolutely stunning new techniques  and discoveries.  


As a product of being born from highly intelligent parents who had generationly a  large feeling of social responsibilities, it is most probably in my genes even (as I see this is in my siblings and children as well) to want to make a positive  impact to others and the world as large,by sharing  my personal knowledge in my work.

My work though, that I love greatly, is originally born out of pain.

Deep early childhood tragedies left me scarred and untethered simultaneously.

Which sounds contradictory and I experienced it as such as well.

Absolute mind freedom and stunning spiritual experiences, like lighten up like a lightbulb with an absolute understanding, also flow and deep insights and meditative states.

and …. nightmares, anxiety, loss of connection and inner childhood wounding, were the other byproduct unfortunately, which resulted in some social phobias as a young person.

It always left me happy to live in the here and now though and had at the same time a deep longing for letting go. Consequently going on a quest for releasing the pain, obstacles and  anxieties and that is exactly what I did.

Finding along the way common ground in this with my fellow humans. 

This path is an ongoing one, led by my inner wisdom, treading ongoing new territory.

After a lot of shifting and sorting, I now share in my work that what truly worked-

offering the highway of healing and change here. 

I have studied a lot of different types of modalities and done many training in my life. There is of course more out there that I have not done, some are parallel paths and some have not come in my awareness yet.

10% of my income  goes to support developing Care farms in the US. to make this an american working reality as well! you can be part of the solution. 
 Care farms for the Netherlands,
 is a beautiful and inspiring film (27 minutes). It tells the story of an innovative program that combines agriculture with social care for the mentally challenged. It began in 1998 with a handful of farms and only a few clients, today there are more than 1,020 farms participating and over 10,000 clients. In an era of government cutbacks in assistance  to our nation's most vulnerable citizens, this pragmatic program offers a new hopeful vision.
"it will inspire us to create communities like those in Holland."
-Robert Whitaker
author of Anatomy of an Epidemic


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