a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

change, alteration, mutation, conversion, metamorphosis, transfiguration, transmutation, 

  • a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal.

  • the induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a nuclear process.

  • an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed

When having an Inspired Vision,

or maybe being in Flow,or having

a Peak experience, feeling One

with Nature, or experiencing  Light

Being absolute Present.

Undergoing an unexpected crack

with a Blitz of Insight.

These are powerful and often momentarily transformations.

The above might ignite a spark to choose for a more conscious transformation:

A desire to let go: from fear into more love.

Transforming the metaphoric 

chrysalis into to a beautiful butterfly.

 Allowing your unhappy (inner) child to grow up into a thriving adult.

 Letting go of a lower vibration, like resentment or anger to live in a different state maybe a higher  one, like joy. 

 Transforming ignorance and replacing it with openness and awareness, and even when feeling uncomfortable, knowing how to come back to a state of experience deep relaxation.

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Whether you are searching personally for growth or you represent a business, where the corporate culture needs to shift.

When you feel it is time to make that change, to experience Freedom, Health, Wellbeing, Conscious Being is for you!

How can you sustain this transformation or live more consistently  in consciousness?

Different problems ask for different solutions.





With my long time experience 

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and transformation.


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